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Forestry Training Institute,Olmotonyi

(Accredited by the National Council for Technical Education (NACTE))

Online Admission System(OAS)
Welcome To Forestry Training Institute,Olmotonyi Online Admission System.
Through this system you will be able to apply for Admission into Ordinary Diploma or Basic Technician Certificate or Certificate Courses offered by Forestry Training Institute,Olmotonyi.
How To Apply
Click here to read the admission user manual that will guide you step by step to the final stage of submitting admission application to our college.
Important Requirements
Upload bank pay-in slip, your recent passport size photo and other documents as demanded by the System. Note that in order for your application to be processed, a non-refundable application fee(as shown in the call for admission applications advert) must be paid to the College. Names written on bank pay-in slip must be the same as those in your CSEE certificate. Applications without bank pay-in slip and certificates will not be processed
Submission of forged certificates, invalid examination results or any false information is criminal offence and will be dealt with according to the law.
Payment And Bank Details
Payment should be made through the FTI, A/C NMB No: 40810041565 and the Bank slip should be scanned and uploaded online as well
For any enquiry on using the system or admission process send email to
  Thank You for choosing Forestry Training Institute,Olmotonyi